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a courageous young girl petting the infamous zedonk (half zebra and half donkey)
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Abrams' Animal Farm

1 Spring Street New Shoreham, RI 02807
Generally open dawn to dusk.
401-466-2421 1 Hour
July 2014 Summer, Fall, Spring
$0-9 New Shoreham Rhode Island
Website Entertainment Zoos
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Abrams' Animal Farm is a zoo and petting area with an assorted collection of native and exotic animals. The attraction is only a few minutes by foot from the peer and ferry dock. It’s also convenient to most inns and hotels in the historic town of New Shoreham. Many of the animals here are traditional ones that can be found in other petting zoos such as donkeys, goats, sheep and ducks. However, there are also some exotic species such as llamas, emus, African pheasants and even a zedonk which is a hybrid zebra and donkey. There is no charge to visit and a modest fee for animal feed based on an honor system.

The farm is managed by Justin Abrams who also owns a nearby inn and hotel. Some of the grazing animals such as the goats, sheep and yaks are housed together in larger pens, while other species such as the pheasants and a tortoise had their own enclosures. A number of small signs posted on wood fences provided background information about animals including their behavior and conservation status. The signs were fairly informative, but most people immediately started feeding and/or petting the animals.

Attempting to leave the island on an earlier car ferry than the one reserved meant having to go standby status. It looked promising until several trucks pulled up at the last minute and took all remaining space. As a result, there was some extra time to walk around the town and that led to the discovery of Abrams’ Animal Farm. The farm was a big hit with children, especially younger ones who loved feeding and petting the animals. The most interesting animal here was an odd zedonk which had the stripes of a zebra and a donkey’s body. It was missing an eye too, but had keen vision for anyone with food and aggressively chased other animals from its turf. There were also a flock of Canadian geese freeloading off the handouts. While it may sound self-evident, if you are into animals and like to get up close and personal, a visit here will be of interest. The farm also can work if you prefer to hang back and just observe animals at a distance. Watching kids laugh with delight and run to and fro was somewhat entertaining as well. Since the farm was a hit with kids, is very close to the ferry dock, can be seen quickly, and is free, it’s an attraction that should have mainstream appeal.
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