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The Space Shuttle Museum building is the best attraction here.
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Kennedy Space Center

Visitor center is about 14 miles from Titusville via US-1 then 405
Hours vary by season, generally open 9:00am-5:00pm.
321-867-5000 1 day
January 2014 All year
$60-99 Titusville Florida
Website Educational Technology Museums
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A serious cool factor that will wow kids Only an hour from Orlando and on the Atlantic coast, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a combination of technology museums, historic sites, restaurants, entertainment venues, and shops. The visitor center area is adjacent to a working aerospace operation, and a number of tours are offered of both the current facility and prior launch pads.

The first launch facility at Cape Canaveral was built in 1949 to test missiles. The cape was a perfect location because the area was sparsely settled, bordered an ocean and was closer to the equator thereby giving a boost to projectiles. More extensive development took place here in the 1950s and especially after 1958 following the establishment of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The center has been home to all US manned space launches including the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, and is still used for rocket launches today. It opened to the public in 1960, and visitor facilities have been built over the years.

The price of entry is a steep $53, and parking is an extra $10. Tours generally cost $25. There are two marquee attractions: the Saturn 5 Center and the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The Saturn 5 Center has an original and enormous Saturn 5 Rocket. It also has two excellent short movies on an Apollo program launch and moon landing. The Atlantis building is even better, really top notch. It’s replete with interesting exhibits and interactive displays, including a shuttle flight simulator. Without giving away too much, suffice it to say this attraction is worth your time. As for other attractions, a small museum on early space exploration was moderately interesting, and an outdoor rocket garden is worth a few minutes as well. While there are additional exhibits, lectures, tours and presentations, you won’t have time for them all in a day. If you do plan to visit for a second day consider purchasing an annual pass as it should save you money. The Kennedy Space Center was enjoyable, insightful and memorable. It will have mainstream appeal for serious and comprehensive content and also a serious cool factor that will wow kids. There are reviews of two bus tours at the space center listed in the table below.
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