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There were a few signs in the fort as well that described its design and features.
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Fort Granger Park

113 Fort Granger Franklin, TN 37065
daylight hours are best
615-794-2103 1 Hour
August 2011 Summer, Fall, Spring
$0-9 Franklin Tennessee
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Fort Granger Park is a 14.50 acre city park in Franklin. It includes the 12 acre Civil War Fort Granger, which was built in 1863 by the Union Army to defend middle Tennessee against Confederates. The earth and wood fort was a key part of Union defenses in the Battle of Franklin in 1864. As a historical site, the fort is generally well preserved and typically not crowded.

After capturing Nashville, Union forces advanced to Franklin and built Fort Granger on a bluff overlooking the city. The fort also guarded a bridge over the Harpeth River and a railroad. Fort Granger saw minor action in 1863 against Confederate Cavalry raids. But it played a more significant and lethal role in the Battle of Franklin. Over 20 cannon delivered deadly volleys into Confederate formations about a mile away as they advanced against Union lines. The fort also was the headquarters of the Union general during the battle. Fort Granger was later abandoned after Union troops pulled back to Nashville. It became a city park in the 1970s.

It’s about a half mile walk from the parking area to the fort. Most of the trail was easy but there were some steeper spots and stairs as well. The fort was in good condition. Bastions and walls were sizable and are not obscured by vegetation. Also, the interpretive signs were helpful in explaining the fort’s design and role during the battle. There were no cannons though. Most of the Franklin Battlefield has been lost to the development. Fort Granger, Carter House, and Carnton Plantation are the primary historic sites associated with the battle. However, there have been efforts to reconstitute the battlefield. As of November 2013, parcels around a former Cotton Gin in downtown Franklin are being developed into a 7 acre park, and a golf course is being converted into the 110 acre Eastern Flank Park. A visit to Fort Granger is a good choice for those interested in the Battle of Franklin, but others will find little of interest here.
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