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This picture is from the nature trail across the street from the park's visitor center. The trail had some great trees.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

17119 Avenue of the Giants Weott, CA 95571
Park is open 24 hours. Visitor Center is open 9-5 (Apr.-Oct.) & 10-4 (Nov.-Mar.)
707-946-2409 Half day
October 2012 Summer, Spring
$0-9 Weott California
Website Nature State Parks
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Humboldt Redwoods State Park is a 51,651 acre park in northern California. It was established in 1921 and has the distinction of containing approximately 9,500 acres of contiguous old-growth redwood trees, the largest such stand left in the world. Humboldt also has a famous 31 mile scenic drive called the Avenue of the Giants, which passes many of the park's old-growth redwood groves.

The park resulted from the efforts of visionary conservationists who witnessed the rapacious redwood logging taking place in northern California in the early 1900s and resolved to do something about it. They founded the Save the Redwoods League, which together with the state of California was instrumental in protecting these redwoods. John D. Rockefeller also was largely financially responsible for preserving the forest tract named in his honor. The park has grown over the years from small stands of redwood groves to encompass an entire ecosystem.

Driving the Avenue of the Giants, the main park road, is a good way to see key portions of the park. The redwood trees often grow right next to the road. The visitor center is about midway on the road. It has a small, somewhat dated museum with informative displays about the trees and area’s natural history. There are also several 20-30 minute videos. Many of the hikes at Humboldt are short loop trails that explore redwood groves and provide access to enormous and awe-inspiring ancient trees. The trails are generally level, easy to walk and pleasant to experience. A nature trail outside the visitor center, the Founders Grove Trail and the Rockefeller Forest Trail all were worthwhile walks. If you visit in spring or summer, a seasonal bridge at Rockefeller Forest offers access to a less visited portion of the tract with some spectacular trees. A visit to Humboldt will have wide appeal for the natural beauty and immensity of the redwood trees. Walking around these groves is humbling and moving. It's like being in a living cathedral.
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