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The view of the carving is better closer up, which costs an extra fee to get to do during a regular visit.
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Crazy Horse Memorial

12151 Avenue of the Chiefs Crazy Horse, SD 57730
Generally 8-5 (Oct.-May) & 8-dark (May-Oct.) laser shows available at night.
605-673-4681 3 hours
August 2008 Summer
$10-29 Crazy Horse South Dakota
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The Crazy Horse Memorial is a colossal incomplete stone carving dedicated to the Lakota Indian leader and intended to help promote Indian rights. It is located near Mount Rushmore in the South Dakota Black Hills and was designed by artist Korczak Ziolkowski. In addition to the carving, the memorial includes a museum, gift shop, restaurant and educational facilities.

Korczak Ziolkowski, who worked on the Mount Rushmore project, was asked by the Lakota to help build an Indian memorial. Construction began in 1948 and is ongoing. Ziolkowski was a remarkable man, creative, strong and visionary. Orphaned at an early age and essentially a self-taught artist, he fought in World War II and then dedicated his life to a bold dream of building both the memorial and Indian cultural and educational facility. Ziolkowski worked for years on the project alone and on a shoestring budget. He died in 1982 without seeing his work completed, but the memorial's construction is now overseen by his family.

A visit to this memorial was memorable and enriching. The sheer size of the carving is remarkable. All of Mount Rushmore could fit in the head of the Crazy Horse. The orientation film is excellent, both informative and moving. The museum which mostly covers Indian art and crafts was less notable. It's worth paying an extra fee to visit the base of the mountain for better views. The evening laser light show during summer is enjoyable, but twice each summer there also is a pyrotechnic show which is more impressive. For a $125 membership fee, you can walk on the monument via a van ride. Once each summer a “volksmarch” event lets people hike around the mountain. A visit to Crazy Horse fits in well with Mount Rushmore and is recommended for its artistic and cultural distinctiveness.
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