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Here is a view from the top of the Buffalo Jump, expansive vistas.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

342 Ulm Vaughn Rd , Ulm, MT 59485
Park is open 8-6 (Apr.-Sep.), otherwise Wed.-Sat. 10-4 and Sun. 12-4.
406-866-2217 3 hours
August 2008 Summer
$0-9 Ulm Montana
Website Nature State Parks
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First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park is a 1,840 acre park that protects and interprets a historic “buffalo jump,” which is a steep cliff that Indians used to kill bison. In addition to the buffalo jump, the park has an above average museum, a 3.5 mile hiking trail and a prairie dog town.

Up to the time of European settlement and the introduction of the horse, Plains Indians actively used buffalo jumps to kill bison. The Indians would typically have a small boy don a Buffalo skin and pretend to be a young calf. This helped to attract the herd toward the cliff. When the herd was close, other people located nearby would cause a commotion, startling the animals and causing a rush toward the cliff. The brave young boy would then run for his life and leap over the cliff onto a ledge with the herd close behind. The bison in the front of the pack would seek to avoid the cliff but were often pushed over by other animals. Indians waiting below would then finish off those that fell.

There are a number of informative displays at the park museum which cover Indian life and in particular the buffalo. It takes about an hour to see well. The buffalo jump can be viewed via a hike or a drive. This is the main park attraction and seeing it up close provides a vivid sense of the role it played in Indian lives. Also the views from the cliff vantage point are excellent on a clear day. There is a small prairie dog town in this area as well. Overall, the park is historically interesting. It will have a wide appeal for its insightful presentation on the buffalo jump and for good scenery. Summer is the best time to visit and is when the park typically offers special events, such as lectures and outdoor displays of Indian life.
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