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The beach is fairly narrow and with cliffs nearby.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Mohegan Bluffs Beach

Beach is 2.5 miles south of Old Harbor off of Spring Street
Generally open daytime hours
401-466-2982 2 hours
July 2014 Summer
$0-9 New Shoreham Rhode Island
Website Nature Beach and Ocean
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Mohegan Bluffs is a small rocky beach located on the southeast side of Block Island. It’s a popular place to check out the 150 foot Mohegan Bluffs and to enjoy a more natural beach environment. While a boardwalk and series of staircases lead from the parking lot down the bluffs, the boardwalk ends about 20 feet from the water, so a steep embankment and a few rocks still need to be negotiated to get to the bottom. The sandy part of the beach is narrow.

The name of the beach stems from a battle on Block Island between the Niantic and Mohegan Indians in the 1500s. The invading Mohegan Tribe was defeated, and some of the warriors were forced over the cliffs to their deaths. The rugged cliffs are mainly made of clay and are susceptible to erosion. The ocean water is often turbulent. A few people walked in the surf on a sunny day in July, but cold temperatures and strong currents dissuaded anyone from swimming. The parking lot is quite small. It can accommodate only a handful of cars and mopeds. If you drive a car here, you may not find a place to park until someone else leaves.

The combination of steep cliffs and an expansive ocean makes for a good visual, but you don’t need to walk all the way down to the water to admire it. There is a small platform at the base of the steps that could suffice for a look or you can just visit the nearby southern lighthouse and walk to the edge of the yard to get a comparable but more distant perspective. For more adventurous types who prefer to see the beach firsthand, it’s not that hard to get to but does involve using both your hands and feet to descend the final 15-20 feet of the embankment. The 140 steps though were somewhat taxing on the way back up. Since the water was too cold for swimming and sun tanning was not on the agenda, a few minutes walking around and checking out the place sufficed for a visit. People leave cairns on the beach and boulders as calling cards, so that is something to do here if you are so inclined. While not a must see by any means, the beach and cliffs can be observed quickly and do provide a distinctly different impression of Block Island. For those who are looking for a more traditional beach and without steps or rocks to negotiate, Crescent Beach located around the middle of the island is a better option.
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