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cavalry reenactors in the summer of 2012
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Battle of Richmond (KY) Visitors Center & Park

101 Battlefield Memorial Highway Richmond, KY 40475
Park is open 8am-dusk. Visitor center is open for limited hours April-October.
859-248-1974 Half day
August 2012 Summer, Fall, Spring
$0-9 Richmond Kentucky
Website Historical Battlefields
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Battle of Richmond (KY) Visitors Center & Park is a county owned park and visitor center where the Civil War Battle of Richmond took place in 1862. The battle was a complete Confederate victory and one of the most one-sided engagements of the war. The visitor center is in a 200 year old house, which has been restored to its historical appearance. The park is around 600 acres located in different sections, including a parcel on a US Army munitions depot.

In 1862 Confederate General Kirby Smith launched an invasion of Kentucky with approximately 9,000 soldiers. His forces were countered by a slightly smaller Union army. While the Union commander was ordered to avoid a general engagement, his inexperienced troops nevertheless became engaged in one. Benefiting from favorable terrain, Confederate forces launched several successful flanking attacks driving Union troops back. A Southern assault in the evening coupled with their cavalry blocking escape routes caused most Union troops to surrender in and around the cemetery and courthouse in downtown Richmond.

Meaningful battlefield conservation did not begin here till 2000, and as a result some land has been lost to development. Nevertheless, the protected areas and the visitor center still offered a good battlefield experience. The visitor center in particular was impressive with a quality orientation film, useful topographical map and multiple insightful displays, so it is best to make sure it is open prior to visiting. There are 10 stops on the auto tour. The most interesting one was stop 5, a 60 acre park unit with walking trails. Stop 9 at the old cemetery could not be located and stop 10 at the courthouse was too developed to provide much insight or value. Note that there also is a stop at the army depot facility but check with the visitor center first prior to visiting there. Those interested in Civil War history will most appreciate a visit to Richmond, but it will have only marginal interest to a general audience.
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