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There is a short auto tour here, including this parking area that followed the Union retreat from the main battlefield.
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Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield

607 Grisham Street Baldwyn, MS 38824
Visitor center is open Tue.–Sat. 9:00am-5:00pm. Daylight hours are best for the park.
662-365-3969 3 hours
August 2011 Fall, Winter, Spring
$0-9 Baldwyn Mississippi
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Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield is a privately managed Civil War site. The battlefield includes a museum with information displays, historical artifacts, and an orientation film. While approximately 1,600 acres of the battlefield have been preserved, an auto tour on local roads is limited to just a few parking areas with short trails and modest interpretive signage.

The June 1864 battle at Brices Cross Roads resulted from Union General Sherman's offensive to capture Atlanta. To protect his supply lines from attacks, Sherman directed a Union force of 8,100 men in Memphis, Tennessee to advance into Mississippi to engage 3,500 Confederate cavalry led by Nathan Bedford Forrest. Although outnumbered, Forrest attacked this Union force with a daring and successful advance on both flanks and then in the center. After some hard fighting Union forces began to give way and then to flee. While this battle is widely considered one of Forrest's most brilliant victories, the larger Union war aim of protecting Sherman's supply lines was still achieved.

The small museum was informative and provided a good orientation of the Battle of Brices Cross Roads and of the nearby Battle of Tupelo. It's worth paying a small fee to watch the 22 minute video about Brices Cross Roads narrated by historian Shelby Foote. While the visitor center was insightful, the rest of the battlefield experience was generally unimpressive. The auto tour involves a few scattered pull offs rather than a more historically insightful auto or walking tour within a single park unit. Some of the interpretive signage was informative such as at a National Park Service memorial site and at the Tishomingo Creek Bridge, but overall it's hard to get a good perspective of the battle from these isolated parcels. Those into the Civil War will enjoy a visit to the museum and perhaps to the park service memorial, but the rest of the auto stops will have much less interest and can be skipped if time is limited.
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