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The fox was focused on getting some treats.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

4729 Twin Rocks Road Divide, Colorado 80814
Tours by reservation on Tue.-Sun. at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm (and 4pm in spring/summer)
719-687-9742 1.5 hours
October 2013 Summer, Fall, Spring
$0-19 Divide Colorado
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The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is a sanctuary for wolves and other canids such as coyotes and foxes. It’s a 70 acre facility that was started by Darlene Kobobel in 1993. The center’s mission is to protect and care for resident animals as well as to educate the public about wolf biology and protection. There are approximately 25 animals here. Several different types of tours are offered. The standard tour lasts an hour and visits most of the animals.

The center originated from a rescue of a wolf-dog hybrid that was to be euthanized. It grew overtime to take in more unwanted animals, mostly from pet owners of wolves or wolf-dogs that had outgrown their initial puppy allure. The center has relocated to additional larger facilities several times. It also has expanded its mission to promote better understanding of wolf issues. The wolf enclosures are generally an acre in size and fenced. Access to the wolves is not permitted on the standard tour, but is allowed on the VIP and photo tours.

The tour began on time with a discussion about the center and the intolerance and ill-treatment many wolves face both in the wild and in captivity. The information was stark at times, and included references to inhumane traps and related persecution. The tour guide was a young woman who was informative and responsive. She enticed some of the wolves and foxes to approach the fence with treats; other animals were already waiting. The tour included background information about the animals as well as their behaviors, quirks and lifestyle. It was interesting, and time went by quickly. Animal lovers likely will want to try one of the follow-up VIP or photo tours and go inside an enclosure, but for others, a basic tour should suffice. A group howl, which included many wolves, was a nice culmination to a pleasant experience. This tour should have wide appeal, but may not be suitable for younger kids due to the initial discussion of the mistreatment of wild wolves and coyotes.
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