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The Beggar's Chicken dish consists of a whole chicken and vegetables, shrimp etc... and takes 2 days to make it.
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Mr. Wok Asian Bistro

2600 14th Street Plano, TX 75074
Open Mon.-Sat. 11-10,| closed sundays
972-881-1888 1.5 hours
October 2012 All year
$20-49 Plano Texas
Website Food/Drinks Chinese Restaurants
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Mr. Wok Asian Bistro is a family-owned restaurant featuring Chinese food from both a Chinese/American and a traditional Chinese menu. Mr. Wok opened in 1989 and has a single location. The restaurant offers table service in a casual setting.

Parking can be tight at Mr. Wok, especially when it’s busy on weekends. The building appears like it once was a fast food restaurant or a pizza place. The dining room is a square shape. Booths around the wall were good sized and comfortable, however cheap plastic tablecloths were used instead of real ones. The noise level here was a big negative. There was a large group in the restaurant and the cacophony was like that of a rock concert. The ambiance resembled a high school cafeteria. Also, the servers had to really hustle to keep up. There was little time for them to discuss menu options.

The egg drop soup had a slightly salty but agreeable taste. The portion was smaller but the price was modest. Veggie lettuce wraps also were appetizing, but slightly under seasoned. The extra crispy noodles and the lettuce made for a nice taste and texture combination with the chopped vegetables. The sautéed string beans with ginger and garlic were cooked perfectly. The bean flavor was not saturated with garlic. The moo shi chicken, with ample chicken, was just a notch lower on the taste scale; it could have used more seasoning and vegetables. The tempura fried ice-cream dessert tasted like pancakes and was hard to chew. Clearly desserts are not a specialty item here. Aside from the noise, rapid service and lack of atmosphere, dinner was satisfying. Mr. Work works for a Chinese food option, but understand it’s just the food you are coming for. The restaurant has a number of signature dishes including a whole chicken that can feed 5 and takes 2 days to prepare.
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