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This old pickup was parked here by the park managers to give a perspective on how a prior farmstead might have looked.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Eagle Mountain Park

11601 Morris Dido Newark Road Fort Worth, TX 76179
Open from dawn to 30 minutes after dusk.
817-335-2491 (main department number) Half day
October 2012 Fall, Spring
$0-9 Fort Worth Texas
Website Recreation Hiking
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Eagle Mountain Park is a 400 acre local park near Fort Worth and bordering Eagle Mountain Lake. The park is primarily a place for hiking but also has a few picnic areas and some signs with information about native plants and animals. The trails are well marked and maintained but lack much elevation change or interesting landscapes.

The park was established in 2008, and is owned by a local water district. Eagle Mountain is roughly ā€œVā€ shaped and hugs the shores of the 8,600 acre artificial lake. The land is a mix of forests, fields, small hills and sandy soils. It had previously been used for farming and ranching and was owned in the 1930s by Kay Kimbell, whose art collection and money gave rise to the Kimbell Art Museum. More recently the area around the park has experienced increased urban sprawl.

Eagle Mountain has two primary trails: the red/green/orange trails to the left from the parking area and the purple/yellow trails to the right. There also is a short 1/4 mile blue trail with a lake overlook. All the trails can be considered easy for a more experienced hiker. The red/green trail is 5 miles long and has the largest hills but none are especially steep or long. The purple/yellow trail was about 3 miles and slightly more scenic, though the sound of traffic is more incessant. Also, there is an attractive picnic area located about midway on the trail. All three trails have decent lake views. The park is less crowded then the better known and larger Fort Worth Nature Center. Overall, Eagle Mountain is a reasonable choice for a longer more natural walk in the Fort Worth area and to enjoy some lake views, but it does not merit a long drive or major time commitment. Here is a trail map:
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