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The ground was open and somewhat featureless, not sure if it's used for farming today but is surrounded by farms.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Raymond Battlefield

14050 Highway 18, Raymond, MS 39154
Daylight hours are best.
(601) 201-1632 1 Hour
April 2011 Fall, Spring
$0-9 Raymond Mississippi
Website Historical Battlefields
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Raymond Battlefield is a US Civil War privately owned battlefield. The park is 136 acres and was established in 1998. The Battle of Raymond took place in May 1863, as Confederates attempted to stop Union troops advancing on Jackson and Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Union General Grant tried to capture Vicksburg several times but was stymied by a combination of natural barriers and Southern defenses. He then led troops south and crossed the Mississippi River. Confederates fought several skirmishes but lacked sufficient numbers to stop the Union advance. Confederate troops also were divided, defending both Vicksburg and Jackson, and coordination was poor and orders were confusing. Confederate General Gregg seeking to ambush Union forces at Raymond unwittingly attacked a much larger Union force under General McPherson. After limited progress, the Southerners soon were overwhelmed and retreated in haste. The defeat prevented any effective chance to link Southern troops. Grant attacked and dispersed the Confederates in Jackson and then advanced to Vicksburg and took the city after a long grueling siege.

The park was not well marked so you may need to ask for directions or have a good GPS device to find it. There were no facilities. A paved walking trail traces the park periphery and there are a few informative interpretive signs. Also some cannons and carriages show the positions of artillery forces. It was a quiet place and nearby fields and farms provided some historical perspective. Overall, the experience was below average as the park includes just a fraction of the historical battlefield and lacks a museum. While preservation of the battlefield is commendable, a visit here will be of marginal interest to even Civil War or military history buffs.
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Gar the Bold
11/24/2013 10:03:57 PM
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I agree with the review, but I hate acknowledge it since my great great grandfather was wounded at the battle of Raymond.