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The benches and tables are arranged in back of the oven area. People stand in line for the courses served at the oven.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Ancient Ovens

857 Childress Road, Saint Jo, Texas 76265
Generally open sunset to 10:00pm Thursday-Saturday (reservations required)
940 366-4255 3 hours
November 2011 Fall
$20-49 Saint Jo Texas
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Ancient Ovens is a small, family-owned, eclectic, country restaurant. It features a traditional stone hearth used for baking pizzas and side dishes. Ancient Ovens personifies a relaxed pace and an unpretentious style.

The restaurant is owned and run by Denis and Susan Moody. It began informally in 2008 after Denis built an outdoors stone oven and began making pizzas for family and friends. As word spread, more people began showing up for dinner. Recognizing the strong appeal, the Moodys opened a licensed restaurant in 2009. Popularity and attendance have steadily grown to the point where reservations are mandatory and a two month waitlist can occur. Dinner is served Thursday through Saturday. Primary seating is outdoors but there is an indoor oven and seating area for use in cold or rainy weather.

Up to 30 different varieties of Neapolitan pizza are served here. They are made for a high volume buffet service so while the pizzas may not be culinary classics, they are filling and satisfying. Tomato basil and jalapeno pineapple were the best. Also, there was more than enough pizza to go around for 50-60 guests and many came back for seconds or thirds. Other dishes included soft bread with artichoke and spinach dip, an olive cream cheese appetizer and a delicious dark chocolate hazelnut dessert. The Moodys are gracious and personable hosts and make a sincere effort to talk to their guests. Musicians occasionally perform here, which can make the night more enjoyable. Also, a nearby winery called Arche is a good place to stop first for wine as Ancient Ovens is BYOB. If you are looking for an inviting, relaxing, offbeat dinner, with copious amounts of pizza thrown in, Ancient Ovens is worth the drive.
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11/11/2013 7:16:36 AM
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Went back to the restaurant again in 2013. The menu is still the same as in 2011, but the food was good and the restaurant was still enjoyable. We ate outside and it was a little nippy but they had a fire going. We went to a winery beforehand and will write a review of that probably this week.
Amanda R
3/26/2013 3:50:44 PM
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I love this place! It's a great weekend excursion out to Saint Jo. What a gorgeous drive! The food and company are equally impressive.