Spiral Diner and Bakery Vegan Dallas TX 7.67    35 P Select
The Loving Hut Vegan Addison TX 6.83    13 P Select
guyonthego 0 0
4/24/2013 8:34:09 PM

Went back there for dinner and not as good as first visit, it somewhat disappointing overall. Service was fine. Thai style hot and sour soup was a miss. The soup vegetables were not very tasty. The pan fried dumplings were still tasty but a golden millennium entree with tofu was a real dud, bland.

TalkingTexas 1 0
9/14/2012 2:46:22 PM

Great vegan restaurant & friendly owners. The buffet was good & reasonably priced at $7. Ordered the Rainbow Salad off the menu for dinner ($8). Was delicious! Consisted of shredded cabbage & carrots with herbs, soy protein, crushed peanuts and a yummy Asian Vinaigrette. Was enough for a meal!

wmicoff 1 0
9/10/2012 7:56:59 AM

If you are a vegetarian this is a pretty good place. If your more of a meat and potatoes person its still good just no meat.