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Here is a view of the field, note the heaters on the grass to keep things growing and healthy in colder weather
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Lambeau Field Stadium Tours & Museum

1265 Lombardi Avenue Green Bay, WI 54304
Tour hours vary, generally 8:30-5:30. Call ahead for specific hours
920-569-7500 Half day
October 2016 Summer, Fall, Spring
$20-49 Green Bay Wisconsin
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The Legendary Tour is one of three guided tours offered at Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers football team has been playing since 1957. The tour lasts about two hours and includes visits to a suite, the field, a press box and the visiting team’s locker room. Tour walking distance is approximately 1.5 miles. Lambeau Field also includes the Hall of Fame museum for Packers players and coaches. One can take a tour without going to the museum, but it makes sense to do both as they are in the same location and complement one another.

The Green Bay Packers are one of the oldest teams in the NFL and a fixture in the city. The team structure is unusual in that it’s actually owned by the community. Via the team, Green Bay has a long of tradition of championships and thus is nicknamed Titletown USA by the locals. Since it was built, the stadium has been renovated and expanded a number of times. It still retains the base and foundation of the original structure, but extra seats, skyboxes, suites, dining and shopping venues have been added; so it’s a mix of old and new. Since the stadium is open to the elements and so far north, it’s received the nickname the Frozen Tundra. These attributes were most evident in 1967 when Green Bay hosted Dallas at home for a championship game when the weather was a balmy 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

There were about 25 people on the tour, mostly Green Bay fans. The tour guide was a longtime Packer fan as well and was also fairly witty. Most of her jokes were at the expense of division rivals like the Bears and Vikings. Overall commentary was good, not too much and not too little, and she related interesting tidbits from time to time about the team, stadium and Packers traditions. The visiting team locker room was not open at the time, but getting to see the field up close was worthwhile. Innovative technology is used to keep the grass growing here year-round, and it was impressive to see up close. Given that the tour includes some outdoor areas, it’s probably best to avoid taking it in the winter. While a tour here will appeal most to football fans, seeing the historic stadium should have some interest for a wider audience as well.

The Hall of Fame museum provides decent background information about the players and coaches who made the team famous. The museum has two levels and is 15,000 square feet in size. An hour should suffice for most people, but if you like to read everything and get a more in-depth experience, plan to spend two. Most Green Bay and football fans will want to check out a trophy section with displays of championship trophies Green Bay has won. Videos and descriptions about key players like Brett Favre and Reggie White were also notable. Another display worth a look is a replica of Vince Lombardi’s office. Lombardi was a highly successful coach and is known for many inspirational quotes which still resonate to this day.

Nearby the museum and in the same atrium area is a huge Packers store with team related merchandise and also a sports bar/restaurant, so there are options if some members of a group want to see the museum, others want to shop and the truly sensible ones just want to throw back a few brews. Since this is a football related attraction, football fans will find the tour and museum of greatest interest. One does not have to be a Green Bay fan though to appreciate what the team has accomplished and find some value in their history and continuing story.
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