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Cheezies Gourmet Grilled Cheese

5995 Preston Road Frisco, TX 75034
Mon.-Thu. 11am-3pm, Fri.-Sat. 11am-8pm, closed Sunday.
469-535-3306 30 minutes or less
October 2015 All year
$0-19 Frisco Texas
Website Food/Drinks Deli/Sandwich Restaurants
First review
Gourmet my foot! Out of 7 reviews on Google it gets 4 stars and out of 72 reviews on Yelp it got 4 stars. What? Where are these people from? Definitely not from my end of the age spectrum when grilled cheese was ooey and gooey and simply delicious and what everyone wanted and never got sick of. Grilled cheese? Yes please? What do you want for lunch? "Grilled cheese and please cut it the way you make it special, mommy!" What do you want for dinner? Grilled cheese! What do you want when you're feeling too adult? Grilled cheese!

This place really misses the mark. For months and months my students have told me I've got to check this place out so today I finally did. Their VERY small menu is nothing more than the regular sandwiches you'd get anywhere else: Ruben, Turkey, chicken, Italian... what's the big deal about just throwing on a piece of unmelted cheese? If I see the word 'gourmet' I expect some gushy, oozing cheese coming out the sides of a sandwich; so much so that my mouth is watering just seeing a picture or reading about the description. All of their sandwiches had more ingredients than cheese so where is the gourmet part? Also, none of their cheeses are anything special: cheddar, Swiss, provolone, mozzarella... again, where is the gourmet part? My sandwich was slippery, which always makes me love it more, but not because of any melted, amazing, gourmet cheese. No, because the one thing they DO do right is put plenty of dressing on the Ruben! I'm not sure how this place will stay in business because the title of their establishment is grossly misnamed. I guess the good 'ole people of Frisco like to settle for less than and I guess any sandwich that you slap a piece of cheese on is considered "gourmet." No thank you! I'll take my mom's plain grilled cheese any day over the pathetic attempt of a sandwich place trying to get a foot in the market with questionable advertising!

They do make everything in house, so I decided to try 2 different cookies because I was thinking thinking they were going to be amazing just because they looked home-made. Wrong! The chocolate chip cookie tasted like the raw batter and was flat; not even as good as the Pillsbury dough you can get in the store! I couldn't even taste the chocolate chips, of which there were an abundance, because the batter part was blandly overpowering. The Oatmeal Cranberry was a bit better but unfortunately, no sign of a cranberry taste anywhere. Oh well, at least the oatmeal part was a tad bit tastier than that choc chip!

Their made-in-house potato chips are good but not as good as Corner Bakery's chips and could really use some more salt. Bland and flat. The one thing I need to give them props for is their made-in-house pickles. Still fully a cucumber in shape and texture yet tastes just like a pickle. They come free with every sandwich and that is the only thing to look forward to when spending almost 9 bucks in an overpriced and average Joe sandwich. I don't know where anyone is finding 4 stars for this place because I think my r rating is very generous - and this rating only comes on the heels of them being able to make a sandwich like everyone else that isn't dry because they know how to slather on the dressing. But without that dressing? a 1 or 2 rating!
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