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front of the restaurant, some seating on the sidewalk too
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Paesanos Riverwalk

111 W Crockett Street San Antonio, TX 78205
Open Sunday-Thursday 11am–10pm & Friday-Saturday 11am–11pm.
210-227-2782 2 hours
July 2014 All year
$20-49 San Antonio Texas
Website Food/Drinks Italian Restaurants
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Paesanos Riverwalk is an Italian restaurant and bar on the popular San Antonio Riverwalk. The restaurant has an open environment with seating available in an interior dining room section, under an alcove by the bar and also outdoors on a sidewalk next to the Riverwalk. Food is served tableside, and the atmosphere is casual. As for food options, there are soup, salad and seafood appetizers. Entrees include pasta, pizza, steak and salmon dishes. There are also vegetarian and gluten free options. Paesanos has a large drink menu with a variety of wines, martinis, coffee drinks, and after dinner drinks like ports.

The Riverwalk was originally part of a flood control project built in the 1920s. It evolved into the current design as part of a city beautification project in the 1930s. The canal is below street level, so traffic noise is minimal. Noise from people though and general congestion is common, especially on holidays and weekends. There are many, many restaurants and bars on the Riverwalk as well. Paesanos opened here in 1969 and has a centralized location. There are two other Paesanos restaurants in San Antonio.

Being worn out from a long day of sightseeing in furnace like heat and on a holiday weekend killed some of the motivation to eat out. Also, wading through the hordes of tourists got old after a while. Paesanos had available seating, and the menu looked reasonable, so it got the nod. The minestrone soup arrived within minutes of being ordered. It also arrived lukewarm. The soup had a decent selection of vegetables but scored high on the bland scale. A few spoonfuls was enough to begin looking forward to the next course. In the interim some bread and olive oil was unexceptional, even when the bread was doused in olive oil. It also was hard to chew. A cheese tortellini entrée was better and was served hotter. It included basil pesto cream sauce and some tasty pine nuts and with cooked spinach as well. Although the pasta was sprinkled with excessive parsley, the overall taste was decent, and the ingredients were fresh. Desserts at Italian restaurants are generally a can't miss proposition, especially cakes. An executive decision was made to go with double desserts - a chocolate cake and raspberry sorbet. The cake was like something from a grocery store chef, a big letdown. It was too sugary and tasted akin to bad chocolate mousse. The sorbet was better but with a very modest portion. As for the service, it was rushed. The waiter was businesslike and not engaging. Some additional negatives included the bill being delivered before it was requested, excessive background noise, and (get ready for this) having the table reset for the next customer after using the bathroom. While dinner here was not a disaster, neither was it a pleasure, and eating out should be a pleausre. One would expect a restaurant that had been in business for over 40 years to be a lock for quality food and a good experience, but such was not the case. Paesanos gets a rating in keeping with mostly bland food, rushed service and a loud atmosphere.
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