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a pic of the boat from the water with a disposable camera, thus the poor quality photo
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Seahorse Sailing and Snorkeling

Tour departs from Prince George Wharf in downtown Nassau.
Tours are offered by reservation.
800-647-2251 3 hours
February 2014 All year
$30-59 Nassau Bahamas
Website Recreation Snorkeling
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Seahorse Sailing and Snorkeling is a 3 hour sailing and snorkel shore excursion available through Celebrity Cruises. It’s also offered on other cruises or can be booked directly with the tour operator at the following website: The tour departed and returned to the cruise ship port in Nassau. Snorkeling equipment was provided.

While the boat had a sail, it was powered mainly by a motor. There were approximately 25 people on the tour and 5 or 6 crew members. The snorkeling takes place at reefs near either Spruce Cay or Athol Island, which are each about an hour by boat from the cruise ship terminal in Nassau. Athol Island, which is part of a national marine park, is due east of Nassau and Spruce Cay is northeast and further away from Nassau boat traffic. In case you were wondering about the term cay, it’s an island but is just sand or rock that has collected on a coral reef.

The tour started off a bit late, but some time was added on at the end to make up for it. It took about an hour to reach the snorkeling site near Athol Island. Most people stayed in the front of the boat where the music was quite loud. The back of the boat had noxious cigarette smoke. Safety instructions were provided at the snorkel area, but there was no commentary about the nature of the coral formations or fish. The water was clear enough to see and warm enough to swim, but mundane coral formations were about the only thing admire. A school of small fish came over to the boat when food was offered by the crew, but dispersed within 10 minutes. One woman claimed to have spotted a larger grouper fish, but it mysteriously disappeared before anyone else could confirm the sighting. As with Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Chupacabra sightings, one can choose to believe or not. While the group had an hour in the water, 30-40 minutes was plenty. For a $50 price, this excursion came up short. The snorkeling was subpar, the commentary lacking, and the experience unmemorable. Depending on your interests, the beach at the Atlantis Resort would be a cheaper and more enjoyable destination.
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