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Secrets Silversands

Bahia de Petempich SM 12 MZ 31 Lote 14-02 Puerto Morelos, Benito Juarez Quintana Roo, Mexico 77580
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$200-399 Puerto Morelos Mexico
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Secrets Silversands: An Amazing Gluten Free Resort in Mexico If you have Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, then you know that traveling without getting sick can be challenging. If you're looking for a great all-inclusive resort in Mexico that can expertly accommodate you, then I would highly recommend Secrets Silversands in Riveria Maya. It's where my travel agent sends all of her Celiac clients, and she assured me that they would take great care of us for our 10 year anniversary trip. After 8 amazing days there, I can tell you she was right!

First of all, it's a quick two hour flight and 15 minute cab ride from Dallas. We literally left at noon and were having a cocktail on the beach by 3:00. Awesome! Our room was a "swim out suite" which was super cool. It had a big jacuzzi, king size bed, and living room, and when we walked out on the patio, we were at one of the pools with waiters coming by to serve us. We were in building #4 which is right by the beach, a pool, and the spa, and I highly recommend that location. I read other reviews where people said it was the best, and I totally agree.

Regarding the food, we could not have been more pleased. Our room number was flagged as having a gluten allergy, so when we went to eat, the waiters already knew and were prepared for us. There are 8 restaurants, and there is fresh baked GF bread in every one of them. I would recommend just telling your waiter to have the chef prepare a GF meal for you. We did that every night, and had 4-6 course meals that were AMAZING and never got sick. If you're too picky for that, they do have GF menus you can order from, but I say live a little and let the chefs do their thing! I think they liked the opportunity to be creative with the meal, and we felt very spoiled. If you're a dessert person, they have GF desserts in every restaurant as well.

Activity-wise, there is plenty to do. You can go sailing, kayaking, play volleyball, water polo, or just drink at one of the bars (I think there are 8). We were never bored :)

We will be going back!
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