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A view of the school from the front, it's a older building but does have some architectural charm and symmetry.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Little Rock Central High School Historic Site

2120 Daisy L. Gatson Bates Drive, Little Rock, AR 72202
9:00-4:30, closed on major holidays
501-374-1957 1 Hour
February 2011 All year
$0-9 Little Rock Arkansas
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The Little Rock Central High School Historic Site commemorates the desegregation actions that took place here in September 1957. The historic site includes a modern museum and a restored gas station and is located a short walk from Central High School.

Desegregation of public schools began taking place in the US following the Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling in the Brown vs. Board of Education, which held separate but equal educational facilities were unconstitutional. Nine black students planned to attend Central High School. However, public sentiment favored segregation and the state governor directed the national guard to keep them out. Protestors also sought to stop them. The resulting clash of US and state authority and sizable protests became a national event. To enforce the court’s ruling, President Eisenhower ordered US troops to escort the students to class.

The museum focuses on the Central High School events as well as the US Civil Rights Movement. There is a notable interview of reporter Mike Wallace who was a young TV reporter covering the events in 1957. The gas station, which has been restored to its historic appearance, was a gathering place for reporters who used the phone to call in their stories. Central High School is still a working high school but tours can be arranged through the historic site.

The historic site overall is mediocre. The museum is fairly small and there is not much else to see unless you tour the high school. The historic site is worth a visit for those who are interested in the Civil Rights Movement, but from a general interest perspective the nearby Clinton Library is a better option.
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