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This is probably the best view of the falls, due to the rugged nature of the land it was too distant to get a good photo.
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Linville Falls

Located 5 minutes east of the Blue Ridge Parkway and an hour from Asheville
Open sunrise to sunset all year
828-271-4779 1.5 hours
September 2011 Summer, Fall
$0-9 Linville Falls North Carolina
Website Nature Waterfalls
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Linville Falls is a waterfall and scenic view attraction on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The waterfall has three tiers and flows into the Linville Gorge, which has been referred to as the Grand Canyon of the North Carolina for its scenery. There are six different overlooks on two primary trails. The Erwins View Trail is approximately 2 miles roundtrip from the parking area. The falls are very popular, especially in summer so expect company.

John D. Rockefeller generously donated the falls and 1,100 acres of surrounding land to the US Government in 1952, after which the falls were incorporated into the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bordering the parkway and the falls is an 11,786 acre wilderness area managed by the US Forest Service. The Linville Falls cascade over a series of steps or tiers. The third tier is the most dramatic, with the water flowing 45 feet over the edge. After the falls, the Linville River continues into the wilderness area and the Linville Gorge.

The modest visitor center is mainly open in summer. Displays were limited, but it had some colorful murals and a topographical map of the area. The Erwins View Trail has 4 overlooks relative to 2 overlooks on the Plunge Basin Trail, and the Erwins View Trail overlooks offer better views of the falls. So if time is limited, stick with the Erwins Trail. Both trails were generally easy, but did have some moderate elevation changes and steps in places. There are no established trails to the bottom of the falls. Some people have bushwhacked a route, but it’s not advisable unless you know what you're doing. If you are driving the parkway anyway, the falls are a reasonable place to stretch your legs and get a quick picture, but don’t expect too much. Linville Falls is not on par with Niagara or Yosemite – or even close. Also, the view is from across the gorge, so the distance cuts down on the overall experience. The website link above is to a US Forest Service site, which has a good description of the falls.
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