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the start of one of the jams, in which both teams form these blocker type formations to stop the jammers from scoring
Photo Credit: guyonthego

Assassination City Roller Derby

1438 Coliseum Drive Dallas, Texas 75210
An event schedule is listed on the Assassination City website.
no phone number available 2 hours
February 2013 All year
$10-29 Dallas Texas
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Assassination City Roller Derby is a women's roller derby league that holds roller derby matches at the Coliseum in Fair Park from January through July. Roller derby is a contact sport that involves 10 skaters from two teams competing for points while skating around an oval track. The game is fast moving but confusing; players are often countercultural; the entertainment is inexpensive and is suitable for families. Games last about an hour, and there are usually 2 games per event.

Roller derby has been around as a sport since at least the 1930s. It morphed into a mixed-gender theatrical show with fixed outcomes in the 1960s-1970s, after which it went more or less defunct. The sport was revived in the early 2000s in Texas with female teams and has since grown significantly in popularity. There are now hundreds of leagues globally for both genders and roller derby is under consideration for an Olympic sport.

The Coliseum has over 7,000 seats and with only several hundred in attendance, there was plenty of room to walk around and change seats for a February game. Ticket prices were $15 for general seating and $20 for floor seating close to the oval track. It’s worth spending the extra $5 to be closer to the action. Both the team names and player pseudonyms are flamboyant and edgy. Also, pierced noses, tattoos and tights are in vogue here. Even though there was a brief instructional on the sport prior to the match and announcers provided play by play commentary, the action was still hard to follow. It was confusing as to which player to watch or why action ceased or commenced. Unless you are a die-hard fan and understand the subtleties, this experience is like watching some women on skates jostle each other for no apparent reason. Two games were scheduled, but seeing one was enough as it was hard to follow or relate to. While roller derby worked OK as novelty entertainment on a Saturday night, a return visit is unlikely.
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