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San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

3523 Battleground Road LaPorte TX 77571
Generally 9-6, some facilities have more limited hours.
281-479-2431 2 hours
February 2011 All year
$0-9 LaPorte Texas
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At this site in April 1836, Texas won a decisive battle in its war of independence from Mexico. The battle was a complete victory for the Texas forces and paved the way for de facto Texas independence from Mexico. The battlefield today has limited offerings, though the tower and museum are worth checking out.

Following Mexican victories at Goliad and the Alamo, a Texan force of about 900 men retreated at the advance of a larger Mexican army. After the Mexicans split up their forces, the Texans turned around to attack. The two forces established nearby camps and both knew of each other’s presence, but the Texans still attacked with complete surprise because the Mexicans failed to post sentries. The actual battle was over in a few minutes but for a few hours the Texans exacted revenge for prior Mexican executions of Texas prisoners.

From a battlefield perspective there is little to see because the fight was over so quickly. The tour mostly consists of a perimeter drive to observe signs of historical locations. The main attraction here is the San Jacinto Monument, a 570 foot tower with elevator rides to the top. The views are good, so it’s worth the $4.00 fee. There also is a museum with displays and artifacts of Texas history, and a 35 minute move about the battle. For $12 you can get an all access ticket which covers the monument, movie and a display area with rotating exhibits.

The tower, movie and museum are reasonable attractions for a family outing in the Houston area, but from a military history perspective, the battlefield is disappointing. Note that a battlefield reenactment is held here annually in April. Also, the Battleship Texas is nearby and is worth a visit if you like historical ships.
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