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San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park
The park is small and the grounds are easy to walk around. There also some views of a nearby river. 6.67 Florida ratingStar
San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park guyonthego

San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park is a 17 acre historic site located at the confluence of the Wakulla and St. Marks Rivers in northern Florida. The park is the general location of a series of forts and buildings constructed by different countries from the 1600s-1800s. Only foundation stones, ditches and embankments remain today. The park includes a small museum and short background film.

The Spanish began exploring Florida in the 1500s and passed by the park area several times. In 1679 Florida had become a Spanish territory and construction of a wooden fort began at the present site. The fort was soon attacked and destroyed by pirates. The Spanish returned in a few years and built a new wooden fort. A stone fort was built in 1739. For the next 80 years the Spanish, English and Americans at various times attacked, built new fortifications and competed for control of the area. Americans gained control in the 1820s when Florida became a US possession. Confederate forces occupied the area and built a new fort to defend Florida from the Union from 1861-1865.

Although the site is rich in history, it is small in size and little remains of the old forts and buildings. The park provides an interpretive guide for a short walk with stops at partial walls, mounds and building foundations. An 18 minute movie explorers the history of the area. The film has a number of reenactment scenes and is fairly good. The museum includes a number of signs as well as displays of artifacts, such as metal tools and bottles. History buffs may want to stop by for a brief visit, but for most others the site will hold little interest.
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