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Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park
Very little of the fort is left so you have to use your imagination a bit. A flag and small pile of rocks are about it. 4.67 Hawaii ratingStar
Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park guyonthego

Fort Elizabeth is a small fort constructed by the Russian-American Company on Kauai, HI in 1817. It was intended to promote Russian interests in the Hawaiian islands but was abandoned when the Russians withdrew a few years later. Little of the fort remains on the site today.

The establishment of the Russian Fort in Hawaii marked an interesting but brief attempt by Russia to gain influence in Hawaii. The Russian-American Company formed an alliance with the King of Kauai, Kaumuali’i, who was seeking help to resist Kamehameha (another Hawaiian King) in the latter’s efforts to unite the Hawaiian islands under his own rule. The Russian company was allowed to build several forts of which Fort Elizabeth was one. The Russian Tsar at the time, however, disfavored the undertaking and the Russians soon withdrew. The fort eventually came under Kamehameha’s control. It was mostly dismantled in the 1860’s.

Most of the fort no longer exists (see picture to the right), so there is little to do here. Outlines of the fort and some foundational stonework are still visible. The park does have some panel displays near the entrance that discuss the fort’s history and also includes a short walking trail to Waimea Bay and the Pacific ocean.

The park is conveniently located off of Highway 50, which is the main road around Kauai. However, since there are very few offerings here, even if you are interested in forts and history, a visit is unlikely to be worth the time. If you opt to see it anyway, the panel displays covering the fort’s history are the most interesting part.
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